Rental Info

To our dearest customers,

Many of you know offering rv rentals is the roots of TowTally Camping. Kevin and I started our business in 2011 renting our personal travel trailer on Craigslist. As demand increased, we moved into my Dad’s construction yard and were renting up to 20 travels at any given time. In 2015 we relocated and expanded in many areas, adding sales and repairs to our list of services. We are filled with many emotions as we announce that we have decided not to offer rentals for the 2022 season. The sales and service locations are remaining open. Rentals was a great business for us to get started and as our business has grown and branched into other avenues, it has been harder to maintain our vision and value each year without being able to personally touch each RV rental that goes out. The prices of RV's are skyrocketing, inventory is scarce for us smaller dealers, and so many people are buying and renting rv's from their driveways, we are going to bow out as gracefully as possible. 10 years filled of helping families with vacations has been a fun venture. We have helped people through happy and sad times with vacations and disasters.  We’ve had trailers on the set of National Geographic shoots, we’ve had trailers go to famous county musician’s houses, we’ve had trailers at music festivals, and even Burning man. Our time has been filled with many cool experiences. This has not been an easy decision nor one we take lightly. We have customers that have been with us since the beginning and become friends along the way. Existing rental reservations through August 2021 are being honored. Thanks to everyone for making this piece of our business a success.




Kevin and Danielle Dickinson and the TowTally Camping Team